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Originally Posted by BetterLawns&Gardens View Post
Jim Marshall Thank you for that!!! I had just started looking into the legalities of employees, and wondered how you could budget for those things also in reading the books that i picked up it said that if i have employees that I can't be a sole proprietor? is this true?
You can have employees as a sole proprietor. Having an LLC or Corporation basically helps to protect personal assets from any claims against your business.

If you own a home, or any other stock holdings, equity or investments, then you really need some sort of corporation set up.

You need to have a minimum price and stick to it. We are at 35/yard and won't budge. Most guys are at 25-30/yard (legitimate) in our area.

We also push for 45-65 bucks a week on residentials for full grounds maintenance which includes cleanups, hedge pruning, and weed control in the lawn and beds.

I also had a customer as me if we had multiple houses on one street, if we would drop the price for everyone and I said no.

Reason being is that you do 3 houses at 20 bucks a pop, then that is only 60 bucks for 3 houses. If you loose two of those houses, then you are stuck with one house on the block for 20 bucks a week.

It's better to give existing customers 1-2 free mowings for referrals on the block rather than discount the entire block.

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