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Originally Posted by GALAWN View Post
I use spray 2 gallons a minute, and cover 1000 sq ft in 30 seconds. I am filling 150 gallons with 100 pounds urea that I melt in the netting of my tank while it is agitating and also add 1.5 gallons of 28-0-0 slow release coron to the tank. From my own lawn, fescue, I have seen ridiculous growth. My customers lawns which are mainly bermuda, I haven't seen anything worth writing home about. We are about 80% out of dormancy here in Atlanta. It usually takes me a good ten minutes to melt down a 50 pound bag of urea. I use the spray gun to evenly melt it down.
When you say netting, are you talking about a net/mesh bag that fits inside the lip of the lid on your tank? If so, any idea where I can get one? I've been trying to find one, but no luck.
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