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Color Temp and Trees

Now that lighting designers have color temp options, I'd like to hear opinions on the use of various color temps to illuminte plant material.

I saw one ad that shows renderings of a deciduous tree lit differently in each of the four seasons. The renderings were terrible, but the concept is interesting.

The captions of these images suggest the following:
  • Winter (no leaves - snow on branches): 6,000K
  • Spring (blossoms - young leaves): 4,000K
  • Summer (full leaves - very green): 3,000K
  • Fall (yellow and red leaves): 2,100K

The implication is that plant material with more blues and greens - need bluer light; more reds and yellows need warmer light. My own observation is that this approach does make these primary colors "pop", but if used in the vicinity of other CCT lamps, the "popped" colors seem artificial and call too much attention to the light. Just my opinion.

What do you think?
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