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I bought my Kubota L4400 4wd, hydro, quick attach loader, quick attach bucket, R4 tires, liquid filled rears, for $25,000 out the door brand new in 2010 with 0% financing for 60 months. IT started out at $33,000 they have a lot of wiggle room. I was on the fence about weather to get a 35horse or 45 and I have been super happy that I steped it up and got the bigger tractor. It makes a world of difference especially when I use other peoples smaller tractors on jobs and I am wishing I had mine. The quick attach is awesome to so I can use the forks to move material around load and unload pallets. If you are going to do any sort of loader work def get the hydro transmission it is worth its weight in gold. As for hours I have used tractors with 5000 hours on them and have been happy with them and I have used some rentals that had 900 hours on them that were completely worn out and ready for the junk yard. I would rather have a tractor with 2000 hours on it that has been cared for by a one owner on a small farm then a tractor with 1,000 hours that was used by a company or a rental yard. I have dealt with a lot of rental companies and the "fleet maintance" is a joke they only fix the stuff when the customer complains enough about it. I had a jlg on a job for over a year and I would call them and say hey you might wanna come out and change the oil and service your machine and they would just say are the fluid levels in the recommended area yes then they are within limits. Doesn't matter if the oil is milky looking and leaking. If it is no a persons personal machine Ie there bread and butter they will not treat it like it deserves. Let the price reflect that.
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