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Originally Posted by greenskeeper44 View Post
your wrong on your percentages......they have almost identical amounts of quinclorac

solitaire/1000 .467 x .5625= .262ai

q4/1000 3oz x .0843= .259ai

my belief is gordons has included mso or some other type of adjuvant that solitaire does not include......

I have tried the seperate spray cans but then it gets annoying having to go over the yard several times with different sprayers because there is always sedges, spurge, and crab in places....theres never just one type of weed
Hmm, I'm not arguing with you, but the labels say the product % for Q4 has 8.43% Quinclorac and the label for Solitaire says it has 56.25%. Where are they getting those numbers to make it seem like their is 7 times more in the Solitaire? Is it just by volume and because one is a liquid versus powder its different?


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