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Originally Posted by weeze View Post
a good example is a company where i live that's been in business for about 25 years. they don't even edge curbs or sidewalks. i'm just dumfounded as to why they don't do this. i think their name just gets around town and people just assume they do the best job because they are a big company. they get complacent and sloppy over time because they get too comfortable i guess. they don't need new customers really so they start cutting corners any way they can to save a little money or time. quality suffers because of this.

i bet 95% of the time a solo operation will do a much better job than a huge lawn company.
I agree 100%.

The company that does my apartment complex is probably the biggest company in the area I am at. I can't even imagine what this company is worth, but they are probably 100% commercial as well. They leave high spots, completely missed sections, shredded trash that they "forget" to pick up before mowing over it and never edge anything. I am certain my little 36" and I could make their work here look awful (although where I started would probably be ready to cut again by the time I finished haha). It's not that they couldn't do a better job, but as you stated they are so quick in and out to make the fast buck that the quality suffers tremendously. I never want to be that guy, and I plan to stay small for that reason.
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