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Originally Posted by Blade Runners View Post
I think your bid is very close to what we would have bid. We add 50% for dbl cutting.

You won't have much trouble with 8" grass and you have already figured dbl cutting into your bid. You might even get away with 1 pass or just dbl cutting certain areas if you have a good mower and the grass isn't too thick.
I thought roughly 50% sounded fair for a double cut. The guy actually sent me pictures of his lawn since it has rained again and asked me to make sure I thought the price was fair because he wants us both to be treated fairly here. I tell you what, I think I have landed the holy grail of customers on my first cast haha. I kept my price where it was at however. I try to be a man of my word and I think that alone will take me further than an extra $10-20 anyday.

Originally Posted by Penncare View Post
I agree that you won't know until you actually cut it the first time whether you underbid or not; however, keep in mind that as you do this take notice of all your costs because at the end of the day if all you are doing is breaking even, you should have stayed home. You will learn as stated and don't think you have to know everything the first month. For me it seems just as soon as I think I know something, things change. Good luck and happy mowing.
I am guessing with travel time, gas and other expenses I wont clear much to pay myself on this particular job. The up side will be if I can land more jobs in his area, and since I'm just starting and treating him fairly hopefully he will spread the word. I work another job as well so my bills are covered, I'm just hoping to put everything I make right back into the business for the first couple years and see where it gets me
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