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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
Riggle is right, highly doubtful it is grubs this far north. Over my 6 years in biz, I have checked for grubs many times but never found any where I thought they may be. Hence, I have not once applied any grub treatment.
And you are as far north as we are.
Well the one client has japanese beetles traps out. Yes I understand that the pherones used probably draw more than they kill and exacerbate the situation. However he catches several gallons of them in the traps and the traps have to be emptied every couple day due to the bags being full.
So how many japanese beetles are in a gallon? I would say quite a few and that indicates a problem.

The area I service is semi rural with very large lawns surrounded by woods. From what I understand the japanese beetle life cycle centers around the adulsts laying 4-5 eggs at a time in the sod, the instar molts 3 times at which time it goes deep and comes out in the spring to start the process over. With density of the pest adults, they have to be in the sod and not in the woods where there are no grass roots to feed on.
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