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If you plant bermuda seed your not going to have enough grass to control erosion for about 6 week's, and that's with irrigation. Without water you are going to have to get real lucky with the rain and that usually doesn't happen. If you do use seed try Princess77. For a shooting range in GA i would think that 419 Tifway bermuda sprig's would be your best bet as far as getting established fairly quickly, but again, without irrigation, you are going to lose 90% of those sprig's in the first week. Forget bentgrass, that's totally unsuited for your area. I hate to say it, because bahia is such a nasty looking grass, but using that might be your best chance of getting something to grow, it's tough stuff, it's green when everything else is brown, but it put's up a seedhead on a 12" stalk two day's after mowing. I would try to use 419 sprig's if i possibly could. Good luck.
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