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I hated that Deere mower, after owning it the short amount of time I did (58 hrs. I believe) I would never buy another john Deere mower or recommend anyone buy one. I honestly don't have one good thing to say about it, the parking brake was terrible and also in a bad location, it had no power, and it was a huge. the deck control didn't lend itself to be used while mowing (couldn't float the deck over obstacles) and the deck height adjustment sucked. it also had so many safety sensors you had to do like a 20 point inspection before you got off the thing to grab a piece of trash while mowing. Its finish cut was terrible in my opinion. the best thing about that mower was that I sold it for $200 more than I paid for it. as far as durability of the Deere i cannot answer that as i only ran it for like 58 hours.

as for hustler, it is much simpler than the Deere, the integrated parking brake is awesome. it is way overpowered cuts good leaves a very nice stripe I only wish that it had slightly wider drive tires. but it is a smooth machine its great on hills. I really just love the simplicity of it. and honestly i think it would be fine for 1000+ hrs. the only real downfall in my opinion is only air-cooled carb engines, my next zero turn will probably be a turf tiger EFI unless hustler starts putting EFI engines in the mowers.

As far as pictures of the hustler what would you like pictures of?
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