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Originally Posted by ZX12R View Post
Yes,a month,and at a time where the grass typically grows the most.True,Kohler is not in the shop,however,according to the dealer,he has had Kohler on the phone at least 4 times now. Very,very frustrating to say the least!
Why don't you start a thread with this. And to the original poster.
Don't be concerned. As soon as they all get the cost factor under control, they'll all be fuel injected. I've heard and spoken to many dealers who won't sell them. They also have no clue how they work. It's easier to say "Oh they aren't any good" Idiots. Remember, everyone thought the world was flat. Sales wise, we've pushed them hard. Guys are leary at first but the fuel savings can't be ignored. We've had very few problems, and would buy one myself if the need arose.
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