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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
Yes, but their products are, by and large, quite terrible. If you want an electronic brochure, they're serviceable. By "electronic brochure", I mean just that. Printed brochures, you have to physically get it in front of a potential client's eyeballs. Discount web builders usually produce an inferior product, in terms of Google's eyes, that they only way you'll be found, out of the box, is to specifically direct people to your site by telling them the address or referencing it on your print materials.

Basically, it's not likely going to do very well for you when it comes to getting fresh, organically-driven leads. To further entice you, they tend to offer higher priced, premium versions that feature "Premium SEO" service. There is usually no better profit margin than that as I've not seen any of them worth anything.

If you're not technically-inclined enough to work with a web site template, my recommendation would be to look at a better quality DIY site builder, such as, and then read up on basic on and off site SEO methods. Create Yahoo/Bing/Google local accounts that link to your site, as well as creating other citations that you can find on, and you'll be on your way. It takes time and work, but you'll likely come out far ahead than if you use a $500 budget for a developer or vistaprint type web mill. If you go with trying to find a reputable web developer, $500 might get you a site, but it will likely require you to do the steps that I outlined.

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I can second you get what you pay for
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