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Originally Posted by CTD_Crazed View Post
hey guys, 2 wks ago this coming weekend i used my dethatcher and went over my lawn (which i doubt has EVER been dethatched) and my 1.2ac lawn took me 5 hours and probably about 60 loads emptying the bagger until it was finished.

Anyway, last friday my uncle told me this weekend i should go over my lawn again and dethatch it a 2nd time, but in the opposite direction i initially dethatched it. He also told me after this second dethatching to follow up with Scotts Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer (blue n white bag), then in a month go over lawn again with Scots Turf Builder Weed n Feed (yellow n white bag).

Anyway, my biggest question is assuming my lawn hasnt ever (or within last 10 years) been fully dethatched, is it ok to dethtach it again a second time in the opposite direction or is one dethatching all thats nesc. no matter how much thatch is built up in the grass. i DO want my lawn to be one of the better/best looking lawns in the neighborhood, which shouldnt be hard beings no one does much besides mow.
Make the decision to dethatch only after you determine if the thatch layer needs to be removed.
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