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In 26 year's i have seen 2 mostly fescue lawn's that actually needed de-thatching, that's not to say your's didn't, but from looking at your picture's, it probably didn't, although it would take me actually being there to say for sure. De-thatching usually cause's more damage than it does anything good. It's an idea that has caught on with homeowner's without a realistic cause. LCO's do it to create revenue or because homeowner's request it, and they do request it, a lot. The fertilizer people put on their grass afterword's mainly cover's up the damage. And fertilizer with a pre-emerge like halt's or weed and feed also prevent's new grass seed from growing. Bottom line is.. i don't agree with de-thatching on fescue. You can have a top quality yard if follow the advice on this forum and take the time to do it right. It's not that hard to do. Good luck.

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