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Originally Posted by LawnsharkMB View Post
Went in JDL to check some prices yesterday and they say they don't have sprayable potassium nitrate. They have 0-0-25 sulfate of potash that I could use with soluble ammonium sulfate.

What analysis do you typically go with on centipede and how many lbs per 1000?

Also, my spray tank is only 25 gallons. Is it ok to spray fertilizer at 1/4-1/2gallon per 1000 as long as its watered in or should I plan on getting a nurse tank and spraying at 1-2 gal per 1000?
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Vereen's in Longs just south of North Myrtle on 90 has everything--potassium nitrate, Ammonium nitrate and your minors. Thought for sure that we covered that. Greendoctor is right about have a pump that will deliver higher volumes of mix. Time required to mix is greater than time to apply. Incidentally, warmer water will break down these quicker.
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