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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
Congrats bro! That seat is the nicest one I've ever had the pleasure of sitting on. I sat in it for about an hour while talking with the Exmark engineer at the local open-house a moth or two ago. Those machines are the wave of the future I believe. The engineer said they have a ton of stuff planned for the brain box, but didn't want to introduce too much all at once and overwhelm the customer. He said the potential is almost limitless with the brain, and that it had that much processing capability. He also said that most of the stuff they introduce over the next few years will be able to be easily integrated into existing machines.
Yeah, the seat sure is awesome. I look at it this way. I've always progressively moved up to better and better seats through the years. I didn't realize it until now.

1968 Cub Cadet 125 - fiberglass pan bolted to frame. Covered in about a 1/2" of foam, then white vinyl. Thank god I was only 90lbs back then!

1986 John Deere 318's - decent standard JD tractor seat. Was mounted with 2 C shaped steel straps to make it give a little

1993 John Deere F-935's - actually a very complex suspension seat. Welded, and eventually replaced the suspension as trailer riding shook the thing apart. Seat itself wasn't very soft

1997 Dixie Chopper Flatlander - standard seat. Not the best padding. But with the ATV low pressure tires, easily the best ride yet.

2001 eXmark Lazer liquid Cooled - 1st gen Michigan suspension seat. My but was happy, but the absense of the ATV tires made it a wash.

2006 Hustler SuperZ - 2nd gen Michigan suspension seat. Finally softer padding and a nicer bounce. When I added the Flex-Seat it was amazing!

I really didn't think I could get better. Didn't think the Flex-Seat combo could be topped. Well I have to say I was wrong. The new eXmark seat is amazing, the isolators really take away the slap and vibrations. If you have back/neck problems, this is the mower for you!

As far as technology goes. I welcome it! I it makes my life easier and more efficient, I'm on board!
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