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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post

Did you purchase any other options? Their web site is a little veg. They list lights, bagger, etc. and then it'll say "kit u drive". I asked a dealer and they laughed and said they had no idea. No pics of accessories that I can find either. I'd like to see the OCDC, striper, and some other things.

I'm super curious how the deck cuts and clippings disperse. Also interested in ride since you were used to FFs , the lack of speed, and your take on RED and it's controls. Already love the 999cc EFI.
No other options. I was thinking about the striping roller, but figured I'd try it first. Think I might skip it. The light kit bolts to the ROPS, which is now gone. I'm thinking of finding a small flashing LED light for the rear. The rear, being all black really is hard to see on roadsides. I don't want to add a SMV sign as it would hinder airflow for cooling.

Deck cuts great. The better the lawn, the better the cut. Kind of opposite than the XR-7. Dispersal is great. Nice having smaller clippings coming out! I can actually smell the grass more!

I never used Flex-Forks, just the seat. I'll tell you, I'm no fan of eXmarks' flat free casters. A set of nice air filled Carlisle's would be great! We'll see.

Lack of speed is t that noticeable. The better acceleration wins over here. Plus, this deck can't handle mowing at speed like the open front Hustlers.

The machine feels much more compact. Visibility is WAY better -all around. Trimmability is greatly improved with the offset deck.
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