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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
Did they do away with the deck lift handle? My wife liked the option to help lift when she didn't have enough leg.

Also find it strange that the web sight shows the 940 as having 940cc not the 999cc it shows on the engine sticker.

How hard would it be to unhook the fuel line breather lines to remove the rest of the ROPS?

Questions, questions, questions... lots of questions.........
There is no need for a deck lift handle. The foot lift is very easy...almost too easy. Might have to adjust that as I get some bounce with it on bumps.

I never really looked at the website about the cc listing. It would be silly to have 940, 980, and 999 cc's though. I'm left wondering my true HP though as Kohlers website doesn't even list an ECV 940!

I kinda think those fuel breather lines are important. I won't be unhooking them, that's for sure! I'd love to re-route them in some 2" PVC maybe. We'll see how obtrusive that single ROPS base becomes. I might use it as a light bracket.
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