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the amount of trimec 992/3way your use at at 85-90 degrees? please help

Im fairly new applicator, about a yr. last year i used celcius during the few apps i had in june for broadleafs and grassy weeds. I was a very new applicator and wanted to use the safest product as possible. This year for my june app for new yards and yards that have broadleaf's im going to use trimec992. The label says 1 - 1 1/2 oz per 1000 sq ft. Im in georgia and the first of june it will prob be pushing 90 degrees. would you go at the 1 oz per 1000 or 1.5 per 1000? and would you use a sticker at all? i would love to go at 1 but i wanna make sure i get a kill but dont wanna go at 1.5 if theres a good chance i will damage the turf. ill be spraying only bermuda lawns. thank you for any help anyone is willing to give me.

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