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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
Did they do away with the deck lift handle? My wife liked the option to help lift when she didn't have enough leg.

Also find it strange that the web sight shows the 940 as having 940cc not the 999cc it shows on the engine sticker.
How hard would it be to unhook the fuel line breather lines to remove the rest of the ROPS?

Questions, questions, questions... lots of questions.........
I believe that is just a misprint on their site, probably by some low level employee. The 940 and 980 are basically engine model numbers, not CC's. Go to Kohler's site and look at the carbed version of the 940. Iit says 999 CC's. It's just like it is with Kawi engines. The FX751, 801, and 850 are all the same engine block/CC's- 852. Just different carbs set-ups on them. Same with the FX921 and FX1000- 999 CC's.

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