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Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
Quit treating them like kids and they'll stop acting like kids. I understand there's a time to yell, but never threaten your guys. What would you do if you in their shoes? What's happening to make them not want to listen? I just quit a pretty good job as a field supervisor for 5 grass crews because upper management didn't understand how to manage people. I show up on time every day and only called off once in over two years I've been there. I worked more hours than any of the other 30+ employees last year and you know what my reward was? A scolding about too much overtime. How does that make me want to work hard anymore? It doesn't. I can take a lot of crap and some people even think I'm a push-over. But I'm not going to stay on if I poured my blood out for two years and don't even get one measly "thanks for working late tonight."

I know I ventured off topic for a bit, but as a manager, you're responsible for your employees. If your employees are unhappy, look at yourself. What am I doing wrong that's making them feel that way? If your employees don't listen, look to yourself to figure out why. Sure, you get bad employees that need to be removed, absolutely. Not every guy can be managed. But instead of making them fearful of losing their jobs or even worse making them angry at you, help them to feel good about making your job easier.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you should coddle your employees or treat them like spoiled children. Treat them like adults. As a leader, you need to show that you have their back, but aren't willing to be walked on. They don't put something back, call them on it. They don't do what you want, call them on it. Suspend them, issue a written warning. But if you change your mindset to "how can I help them do their jobs better" from "what the eff are they doing," you might notice some slow changes.

Professionalism starts from the top and works its way down. If you want your employees to be the best, you have to try your hardest to be the best.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I've watched over 12-14 employees for a couple years and I wasn't in the position to fire any of them. Which means I had to deal with what I was given. Being a consistent force of strength, cool demeanor, and compassion goes a lot further in my opinion than fear.

And every day I'd go home thinking about how poorly I did working with them.
Everyone gets scolded if there is too much OT. What you need to show, on paper is the justification FOR that OT with added sales and higher profit margins (and yes it possible to do even with OT)
If you didnt HAVE that and all that OT was butt picking, then thats why you got a scolding.
Two years with a lawn company might as well be the same as saying 10 months, because that's ALL the "go time" you have in this industry. so that being said, that's not a lot of time put into a company. I know guys who have worked for brickman for 12 to 15 years.

so with that being said, that hardly makes you an expert on how to manage people. MOST people are lazy, think they know better, or are trying to find a way to not work so much, Take a snap shot of the living room in a house these workers live in, do they pick up their own stuff? or just leave it lying around.

They get attitudes that they dont have to do that, someone else should. work ethic is a disappearing thing in this country. Especially when what you are paying someone is scary close to what they could get if your fired them and they collect unemployment.

It's all about motivation. Instead of a system where everyone starts with an A, Give them a system where everyone starts with a D -, you want to work here? You earn your pay. EVERYONE starts with a 8/hr, if the stuff is done my way? thats $1, if you put back your tools $1, if the equipment is greased and not broken lost or stolen? $1, no call backs from customers this week? $1. You beat your times? $1...and so on. That's $13 an hour if they do things YOUR way, and $8/hr if they do things THEIR way.... its their choice. Come up with TEN things you want them to do. The guy who does it all is the perfect employee and is WORTH $18/hr.
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