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Originally Posted by B&Clawncare View Post
The question now becomes do I have him continue to water to keep the seed alive?
Do you need more help? Contrary to what some might believe, you would be surprised at what you can do from "thousands of miles away". So I will post (again) methods you can use to determine proper irrigation with limited data collection and/or from "thousands of miles away".

Use the following site ( Web Soil Survey ) to determine potential/likely soil conditions on site, assuming you haven't done the necessary site audit (soils, irrigation, plants).

You also have known weather data for your region (attached images in my posts) and of course you have the necessary minimum information needed to determine correct irrigation run times and intervals (PR or AR, DU), right? If not, make some educated assumptions based on what you do know.

Now using the Ames numbers, since you said you are in central Iowa, how much should be be irrigating?

Now your basic water requirements on a per hydrozone (or valve zone) basis assuming no rain inputs, soil moisture content is at field capacity to start with and soil is homogeneous throughout root zone (both current and potential). Using the attached images and previously images I posted along with data you should have collected from the site and/or data from the soil survey for the site you should have now pulled, generate an estimate for irrigation requirements.

Interval: INTz = (AWHC * RZ * MAD) / (ETo * Kl)
INTz = Zone Interval (days)
AWHC = Soil Plant Available Water Holding Capacity (in/foot)
RZ = Root zone depth (feet)
MAD = Management allowable depletion (%)
ETo = reference evapotranspiration (in/day)
Kl = landscape/crop coefficient (%) (see WUCOLS)
Runtime: RTz = [(60 * INTz * ETz) / ARze] * RTM
RTz = Irrigation zone runtime (mins)
INTz = Interval between irrigation events (days)
ETz = Zone adjusted ET (in/day) --> ETz = (ETo * Kl)
ARze = Zone effective application rate (in/hr) --> from catch can audit (most accurate)
RTM = Runtime multiplier (a factor of DU) --> RTM = 100/DULH

@hi_speedreed: Is that detailed enough for you?
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