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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Rent a slit seeder and set the dial for the amount of seed the lawn needs... aeration is a meaningless and messy activity and should only be done as necessary... seeding is not a purpose for aeration...

In fact most overseeded lawns will not even require a BLANKET APP of seed and could be done in a simple cost effective method that benefits the client and provides a larger Profit Margin for the LCO who knows what he's doing...

In another thread people were complaining about how inflation is eating away their profit margins and I have got to say, that this additional expense to the client for aerating as a seedbed is one of the largest rip-offs that not only waste their money but cost us in the time/profit ratio... just sayin'...
Disagree, aeration is highly beneficial for a lawn. I have also had very good luck with core aeration followed by overseeding.
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