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Originally Posted by etwman View Post
Our select marketing is key to our growth. Our mugs are a minor part of that. Our advertising is very, very limited, less that 1% of our sales. I would say our adverstising may be a poster board advertisement at the parade of homes project we did this spring.....that kind of stuff.

Last week I spent two days in strategic planning meetings about where this company is going over the next 5 years. There are some neat things that are going to be implemented. If done correctly, which I think they will be, the company will double in the next five years. There are several other manufacturers of products out there that we would like to use which I believe will be a key player in some of this growth. They are eager to be a part of this journey.

On a different note three times in the past four weeks we have been approached by brokers to consider purchasing other landscape companies in the area. A sign of economic times and poor business decisions. While none appeal to us, I would urge you all to make wise decisions. I admire greatly, and live by, Dave Ramsey's theories on money management. If you can't buy it by writing a check, you don't buy it. If you are looking for some good listening you can download his pod casts from his website under his radio show or listen on XM talk radio every day from 3 p.m. - 7 p.m. Much of his personal advise also applies towards business.

AMEN to Dave Ramsey I have been reading through this thread for 3 days now and still not finished. I have kept hushed till now but. I must say I listen to Dave daily and way I am trying grow my business is debt free. Just want to say you have a amazing company and your amazing godly man too what you did down here on the coast for those families truly honestly brought tears to my eyes. I will probably hear flack for saying that but it's truth. I can take you place that looks like Katrina still went through yesterday. Some areas may rebuild most won't for generations everyone is scared and has good reason to be. Guy down street is a home builder he said his business dropped a good bit 2 years after clean up of Katrina. It's all cleaned up in most areas but most can't or won't rebuild. I know one guy talk to had his insurance agent call him balling said hate tell you this but all 8 of your rental properties don't have flood insurance. Guy lost over 2million in real estate over night. He used every bit saving just rebuild his own home. I truly admire you and my hat is off to you and the quality of individual you are. Love reading this thread watching you grow and keep up great work.
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