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It's not so much the product as it is the question of whether you should de-thatch cool season grass in the spring or not, and the answer to that is, no you shouldn't, and i think you'll find almost unanimous agreement on that among professional's. Doing that cause's hole's in the turf canopy and then those product's are needed to control the weed's that now have room to grow in those hole's, it's a vicious cycle. Your best defense against weed's is a healthy stand of grass, and that can't start in earnest until fall. You have to take the long view, a nice yard require's lot's of time (a couple of year's) and lot's of patience. You've already started tearing up the yard but don't de-thatch again and don't put down that second app of pre-emerge herbicide. All this stuff will wear off by September and we'll get you on the right track then.

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