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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Aeration IS beneficial for many lawns,,, however it is the silliest SEEDBED out there...

Show me the germinated results of the overseeding to Prove Me Wrong...
Been doing a few over-seeding jobs this Spring. I typically do a double pass with a reciprocating Plugr 850 for the top dress effect....then I crank out or drop spread the seed.

My Blue Bird S22 has the seed hopper in the back and not in the front where it should be.

Anyhow then I vetticut in 2 directions then I get crazy and break up the plugs further with my Toro TimeMaster 30 with mulch plug in....for another pass or 2.


My yBravo 25 with a Oregon® 24.5" G6 Gator blade and mulch plug installed shows extreme promise for this duty.


...this may be the absolute best method thus far on the planet to break up those ghastly annoying shear volume of plugs left by reciprocating aerators....

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