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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Is there a reason that you want the 1% P and the 11% K??? if you want to add Fe, then add Fe... If you want low N than apply low N... not sure what your needs are in the desert but we only need N for grass here in the Midwest and the Fe and K are gravy...

Are you asking if Lebanon is better than Ironite or Milorganite as an Fe source??? I don't think people have observed many differences in actual usage becuz I don't believe that there are many differences in actual usage... I could be wrong... but here's the thing... *
I was needing to put something down on 2 peoples yards who had not fertilized, one for over a year, the other not since last September. Considering it's spring I didn't want to apply Nitrogen but it did need a little. I wanted to get it looking green without too much growth hence the iron. As far as the K that was just part of the fert that was recommeneded to me by the supplier. I figured it can't hurt the 2 lawns that really haven't had any fert for a while.

I was just inquiring about this Lebanon product specifically. Have never used it plus it had "bio solid" in it. Have never used that before. Man the stuff smelled weird. Not bad once applied but pouring it in the spreader made you want to gag.
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