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pricing very large jobs?

This is the largest project I have worked up a price for:

the project entails:

purchase/install 450 1.5-3" cal trees
"" "" 800 5 gallon shrubs
"" "" 800 1 gallon groundcovers
75,000 sf of seed and fine grading with site topsoil, 50,000 is retention basin seeding, would be harley raking to prep for seed/straw
200-300 tons of planting topsoil
~450 yards of mulch
approx 3 acre site- machine access looks good in all areas
there will be many curbs to cross in course of a working day , islands, parking lot edge,

planting shrubs/groundcover will do with a hyd auger off mini.

I figure on 30-45 working days with 6 guys a day, 2 operators 1 for ss 1 for mini, 1 alternate "tractor" guy to move mulch/trees around site with loader, as i find tractors climb curbs 100% more easily than skids steers.

How much would you charge?
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