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This reminds me of a time i went to eat lunch with my dad just a few month again. He runs a construction site and they were redoing an overhang on one of the entrances to a building. They had orange fence all the way around it except for about a 10 foot wide opening so they could get machinery in and out of. He had his truck parked in it at the time instead of the gate shut and on our 30-45 minutes lunch he had to yell at 7 workers to use the other door which was less then 20 yards away!?!?!?!?! are you kidding me. One guy wanted to argue it with him saying he could go in whatever door he wanted. My dad laughed and said ok bud but the scaffolding has brick layers on the top of it and when they are cutting they have a tendency to drop some stuff so if you are that dumb go ahead if one hits you it will only help this world. He walked away in a hurry to the other door.
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