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Originally Posted by johnjw77 View Post
I know this isn't a decision for anyone else to make for me, but I would like the opinions of some who are more experienced than I.

I took this job because it's the first call I recieved. I battled with it for a few hours whether it was the right decision. The house is roughly 25 minutes (14 miles) from my garage. I wasn't originally planning to service this small town but I wasn't sure if I should pass up the opportunity to get my name out. I decided to go for it and try to secure some accounts in the area to hit all in one trip to justify the drive, but if this is the only account I get than I'm actually probably losing money (about 1.5 hour time in drive and service for $35). I can't raise my price much and stay competetive but I can't afford for this to be my only account.

Question is: Would you hang on to this as your only account or drop it before you start the commitment and stay focused on the closer radius?
I wouldn't necessarily drop them but I would try to cluster properties near that one pretty quickly using door hangers or lawn signs then schedule all of those services for the same day. You could also run a CL ad and specifically mention that town as your service area in the ad title. If you have a lettered up truck or trailer people might call just from seeing you in the area and the work you do.

Many of our properties are 14+ miles from us but we cluster them when we can by using door hangers. We live in one town and most of our business is in another larger town so we will have a drive no matter what. You just gotta turn lemons into lemonaide

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