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Another common occurance with maple bark is that with a lot of water the bark can crack and the microbes make a home and live off the moisture flowing through the cambium... who knows what the microbe is,but getting rid of the bark and allowing the healthy bark to grow over it for the future is a good idea...
This tree is a matter of fact next to the natural flow of water out of my backyard. The ground next to one side of it stays wet for a day more at least after a rain.
Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
What's up with the tie, and don't you think it might be more than coincidental that this is occurring around the tie?
I wasn't sure when to take the ties/bamboo off of them (3 total trees). My Tulip Popular still is very flexible seems like. I've attached a pic of the whole tree. The sun made it difficult to tell, but the smaller upper half has quite a few reddish leaves and is obviously smaller than the bottom growth.
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