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Originally Posted by TopNotchLandscape View Post
I would suggest using a couple of images that have to do with the name of your business.
Within reason, of course. Design is supremely subjective, however you don't want to obscure the name of your business with extraneous design elements. The name should be first and foremost, with the elements complimenting the name, not overwhelming or detracting from it. If someone can't drive by your truck or yardsign and quickly know who's doing the work, the design(er) has failed.

Forgot to point out one of the main differences with local vs. crowdsourced designers is the variety of designs you will usually get. As Butler points out, 3 or 4 to choose from, and then refine, is pretty typical of the package sites or local designers. The crowdsource sites will only be limited by the number of people you attract with your bid price.
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