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Originally Posted by weeze View Post
this is sorta forced on people these days to some extent as well. ever notice how hard it is just to do something simple like changing the oil on a newer car? many of them you need some special tool to get up in there to remove the oil filter or they make everything hard to get to and so forth. they want you to take it to get it worked on so they can make more money off of you. nevermind you just spent 20-30k on a new car they want your oil change money every 5k miles too.

gone are the good ol days when you could do everything yourself because it was so easy. now days you need all these specialized tools and so forth to work on a car. mowers you can still do most of the work yourself but we'll see how long that lasts.
I agree, my dad is a mechanic (not for a shop, he had worked from home for most of his life) and even he has to tell customers sometimes that he will recommend a shop because he does not have a tool. Also sometimes the job is complex they would be better off taking it there. By that I mean some companies make it so the dealers mechanics are the only ones who know how to work on it. That is not common but it does happen.
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