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Originally Posted by w.a.reid View Post
i agree - ive cut for 17 years - been a vocal and friendly contractor for the last 8 years - my 'number one' friend/driver/team leader decided $15 an hour was not enough money - so he quit...and started knocking on my accounts doors to start his own lawn care - his goal was to take 30 of my accounts...he got 3.

lawn service is very personal and no two lawns the same - this business is too personal - my clients LIKE me and the 3 that didnt know me went with Manuel.

i have combinations to peoples back yards - their garages and sometimes their front doors - they know and trust me....not my business name or affiliation.

my clients DO NOT want just any face mowing...they want the same face mowing.

i dont see how i can be franchised - and those clients that just pick up a phone and call on a generic lawn service - a franchise - are also the ones you lose to a $5 decrease in hourly rate.

i like the clients that give me christmas money and ask how my kids are doing - cannot franchise me - or rent me out - or copy me.

im in texas - there are a lot of hispanic lawn service owner/operators - they force the hourly rate down around here - we all use the same equipment and buy from the same dealers - what sells me the me.

comb your hair - keep facial tattoos to a minimum - sound educated - and be punctual - thats what youre selling.

for the most part...any strong back and weak mind can push a mower. what sets you apart from the competition is YOU.

i am...W.A.Reid...for all of your landscape needs.
Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm in the EXACT situation. A lot of competition but a smile, handshake, and brief friendly conversation every visit goes a LONG way.
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