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those fits are awesome. most people just don't like them because they are so small in size. everyone is so fixed on having a huge suv or something these days and they wonder why they get 15mpg.

i'm just curious does every person in the world that drives have 8 kids to haul around?

i've always hated big cars and trucks. they are hard to park and fit into tight parking lots and they are terrible on gas and they don't look as good either. everyone loves double cab trucks but i just think they look ugly. i have a reg cab toyota tacoma 4x4.

i could maybe see an extended cab but i really dont' even like those either. it just makes the wheelbase longer. shorter wheelbase is where it's at. you can fit into smaller places and make tighter turns which is great. you also get better mpg.

anyways the fit has alot of power for it's size and still gets 35mpg or better. best thing about it is you need new tires it will probably cost $300 since they are so small. the maintenance side of things you will hardly have to spend any money on that car.

i get new tires for my truck and it's like $700. it's crazy. you used to could get 4 tires for a truck around $400. tires have doubled in price in the last 10 years. it's nuts.
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