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Originally Posted by C&C Landscaping View Post
Not at all - I was told the seat was a 550.00 option when I brought my super Z last year. If it can be brought for that price then I really don't know what it's worth.
Make me an offer, and thanks for letting me know.
I've got 2 Super Z's, and I've broken 2 of these Michigan (now Milsco) suspension seats on my 2006 year model. I'm 225, no lightweight, but no tank either. The original seat broke several of the welds and Milsco sent a new seat as a replacement at no charge, the seat they shipped was not like the original, it was a cheaper version, no lumbar adjustment. I gave my dealer $50 to upgrade to my original seat, 1 yr after the replacement, the new seat broke as well.

This time Milsco sent the correct seat free of charge, and paid the shipping back for the one that broke, supposedly so their quality control department could try and figure out why they were breaking.

They call this a high dollar upgrade for the Michigan (Milsco) suspension seat, like you say something over $500, but if you go to your dealer and buy the seat straight out of parts you can probably buy it for $400 or a little above, depending on the dealer. The seat I posted the link on is one like they sent me the first time without the lumbar adjustment. This means if they can sell this seat for $329.99 and still make good money, they could sell the same seat I have with the lumbar adjustment for $375 and make money with no problem.

I have no interest in buying a seat when they are replacing mine for free, but I would say if your seat is in really top notch shape, $225 would be a fair price to both parties.
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