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I went back and forth on this one. I like 2700 for its warm look on stucco and some fountains, but when I really started looking at what I am using now (GE constant color), I am pushing 2900 to 3000k on my light. If I had to choose only one color of light source in LED I would need to take into consideration that a bulk of the lighting I do is on green plant material as well as architecture. 2700k is nice, but it is closer to HPS in the fact that it tends to wash out and mute some of the green tones in plant material, where 3000k tends to give a more true rendering and still looks fantastic and warm on architecture. If a filter could be put on a 2700 to bring it to 3000k or even 4000k without messing up the CRI then that would be something to have that full range of color in one product, or if the LED had a chipset that allowed a color shift on the same board. Just thinking out loud-Anyone else? Over 100 looks and only 3 votes, come on professionals, cast your vote and give us your thoughts on your choice.

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