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Originally Posted by THEGOLDPRO View Post
I live by the professional courtesy rule myself, both my self and my brother worked for other landscapers prior to stating our own business, Neither of them tried to discourage us growing and doing our own thing. I believe if you have professional courtesy and don't step on each others toes it is fine. If someone calls me to bid a property and it happens to be a close friend of mines property i will decline kindly and say sorry i'm not interested, and vice versa.

There is plenty of work for everyone and no need to try and discourage/sign a non compete. That's just plain stupid.
I agree.....

I worked for another company in school from the same town as me, he is no longer in business but we never poached work from him. If an employee wants to leave best of luck there is more to being an LCO than mowing and trimming. The guys we have know this, they're honest and say "would I like to own a mowing company, yeah. Do I want the headaches NO." If they did leave I'd wish them luck and help them if they needed it.
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