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Yeah, um.... hey man good for you and everything but what were those mulch pictures? The first one wasn't so bad but where is the edge? And why does the second one look incomplete? I own my own business now and if I ever came up on my guys doing a sod job that looked like that they would all be fired on the spot. I know cell phone pictures can be tricky but the parking lot looks normal to me so I don't think its distortion.... You know that you need to tie in each piece of sod to the other one as close as possible right? And it looks here like you might have ran out of sod as well... I mean, hey, if the thread was titled "Quick crappy commercial work because they were paying me peanuts" then I would understand.... But the thread is entitled "still killing it"......... Dude, the only thing you are killing is your company's reputation..... It's one thing when guys put up photos and you can tell they are just starting out and maybe they don't know all that much or don't have experience but you are claiming "killing it"....
Hey man, this is a forum and we are all entitled to our opinions.... if I am wrong about you then post up some pictures of some quality work and I will be the first one to congratulate you and tell you what a good job you did but I can't just stand by while someone posts pictures of sub par work claiming that it is good.......
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