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Originally Posted by OakNut View Post
And after battling two weeks worth of jungle growth, I put in my two weeks notice today for the three crappy jobs.

I told them I would cut once more in two weeks unless they find someone else before then (prays hard for that to happen) and that would be it.

I feel bad because all three are elderly/disabled and are honestly great people, but "nice" doesn't pay the bills.
I underbid them during my first season. (this is my 3rd/4th depending on how you look at it)
Ultimately, it turned out to be a TON of trimming work due to crap lawns and crap IN the lawns. That coupled with the excessive growth of a biweekly cut had me spending too much time on each and I refuse to leave a job looking half a$$ed, so I suffered through it.
I now have other clients who pay MORE for jobs that take a quarter of the time each of these take.
THEN there's the fact that I need to take a plastic grocery bag to pick up all the trash that the low income trash toss into the yards.
I've found everything from McDonalds bags w/food, to weaves, to aluminum cans, to bottles of cheap whiskey. Then I nearly hit a freaking BRAKE PAD last time. Screw that.
THEN there's the fact that I have to leave my truck where I can't see it and worry that my equipment will have grown legs while I'm around the corner mowing.
On top of that, they are the only ones I have in that area, so they don't mesh well with my schedule.

Next to finally taking a shower after this long, hard day, this was the best thing to happen today.

Heck, it's 9:45 and I'm waiting for dinner to be delivered. That's what kind of day it's been.
Defiantly made the right choice on those lawns. They are not worth keeping from that description and you have other work to take up your time anyway. I have turned down two jobs like the ones you described. Even though I don't have a lot of work (yet) it just is not worth it.
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