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I am a new transplant to where I currently live and within 2 years of being here, I am friends with the owners of 4 of the biggest companies... I introduced myself, treated them with respect, and now I have great contacts and mentor type relationships with these guys... Before I was here though, I was in Boston and THAT was crazy! This is no joke but you can literally see 4 to 5 different landscaping companies on 1 street in the nicer hoods in the Greater Boston area.... Some are friendly, some are not.... BUT EVERYBODY IS BUSY!!!!! Plenty of work to go around...
P.S Not trying to hijack the thread but RSK Property Maintenence, I just have to take note to what you said about no guard on the string trimmer? I have ALWAYS taken guards off trimmers.... I was trained this way, everybody in a 50 mile radius around Boston runs them this way, and we always looked at guys with the guard still on and say "That's a homeowner for sure making beer money"...... hahaha... Funny how different regions and places do things differently and I really don't mean any offense but I'm sure some people on here will back me up....
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