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The worst thing I have seen and experienced in my career has been the adoption of LED lighting by those people who have no understanding of the nature of artificial light. You can see it everywhere now, and the look is not pretty. What I m talking about is the use of multiple colour temps (and varying CRI) on the same job. I am not referring necessarily to the use of one colour for downlighting and one for all the rest... So relax those of you who prefer 4000k for downlighting..... What I mean is the seeming lack of understanding about how relatively small changes in colour have a horrible affect on the property as a whole.

2700 here, 2900 There, 3000 over yonder and some seriously mixed up colour shifting crap inside all of the miniature fixtures. Barf. If the flood of cheap low quality lamps doesn't kill our clients interest in outdoor lighting then it will surely be the guys who don't understand how to paint with light. ( on the other hand, this can play into the pro's favour, if they know how to package the info and deliver it during the proposal delivery to the client.)

I'm a 3000k ( with a high CRI and special attention to R9 ) kinda guy.
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