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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
What issues have you heard about regarding Stihl units?
Agreed, I love my Kombi, and the articulating hedge trimmer attachment.

ALL small engines suffer the same issues from bad gas, bad oil, etc. If you dig enough, you will find similar complains about any machine.
Stihl commercial units are among the best stuff out there. I'm not knocking Echo or Shindaiwa, or RedMax, or Honda, or Husqvarna, or well you get the idea. It is a long list.

Lots of people have good experiences with lots of brands. The ones who have had bad experiences will point out that what matters most is the quality of your dealer support. This matters much more than who makes the machine, and Stihl seems to have a better than average dealer network (part of the reason they don't sell in HD).
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