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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
The "Chemicals" you talk about are generally some kind of herbicide or instecticide mixed in with the fertilizer pellets and you're required to have a liscence anyways... It may not seem "Organic" to some people on this thread but personally I switch back and forth with Milorganite and regular synferts at various times of the year... that is known as a "Bridge Program",,, and keeps the lawn growing stronger and maturing every year, less dependant on the constant water soluable applications...

I get both types of fert from box stores or nursery,,, depending who has the best deal... we start the second mowing next week so I hope to get caught up on the work and get the fertilizer necessary to get the first app of the season completed before Memorial Weekend... this time of Year I like to use the Milorganite... and there is a reason for that...
Do you have an example of a Bridge Program for cool season grasses (SE PA) that utilizes milorganite and synfert? I started using milorganite last May (3 applications -- late May, early July and early Sep). Other than hauling around the extra weight, applying Milorganite is a easy process and seems to be yielding very good results. I also used Scott's winterizer in early Nov and Halts in Mar and again in early May. I spot treat with Weed-B-Gon. What else should I consider?
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