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Originally Posted by PLC1985 View Post
I work at a pretty large cemetery where we have 3 kubota rtvs. We have 2 900s and an 1100. Great machines. We've used others such as club car and jd gators but we've slowly been trading in the others and replacing with kubota. We have over 500 hours on all of them I think and do nothing except oils and filters at recommended intervals. I've replaced axles and u joints on our oldest one but they take a lot of abuse. We run hydraulic attachments off the rear and one of them has a snowplow. The plow is great for sidewalks. All of ours have enclosed cabs which is nice in winter. Our newest one is the 1100. Other than a few options like ac and kubota can vs Curtis cab not a huge difference. However our newest has a sprayed in bed liner from the factory. I highly recommend getting it done. Our oldest ones bed is rotting out and I put a new tailgate on it last year. We keep them indoors but the rhino liner is tough and nice. Let me know if u have any specific questions we love ours.
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Thanks for the info. Good to hear they are reliable. What type of attachments to you use?
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