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Bone meal can be good for phosphorus and greensand may be good for potassium. They may be expensive, but may not really be needed in great amounts. Many soils may already have plenty of P and K but just need more life to activate or release it. I'm wanting to work more with mainly adding compost. The city has been slow in making it this year but will soon release a bunch.

Like Dave says, more organic matter should tend to even out PH. So compost or corn meal or any OM should be a step in the right direction. Of course the lawn would always be mulch-mowed. Some leaves are more acidic than others (I don't know which are what) and some break down faster than others.

A friend of mine was telling me about using dolomitic lime in some kind of long-term organic lawn renovation project on clay soil.

I have read that gypsum should adjust PH in either direction.

But I would think that the healthier the soil, the faster it would "digest" mulched leaves, and the less PH problem there should be.
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