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Update... It is a super easy installation. Took the padding off my seat with 4 bolts. Then I was able to reach the 4 nuts that hold the seat pan in place. Took the seat pan off and attached the suspension kit to the seat mount on my mower using the 4 existing studs. No drilling required, used the stock nuts. Then used the supplied bolts to secure my seat pan to the suspension kit. Bolted the seat pads back onto the pan and it was completed.

Onto wiring... The kit is all wired with two leads protected in wire loom. So I ran the wires out near the front of the suspension kit and tapped into an ignition wire using a supplied wire tap. Then I hooked up the ground checked for pinch points and I was done. They include an extension for the seat switch incase you need to have longer wires to connect your seat safety switch but on my Exmark it wasn't needed.

The control valve is located at the front between your legs and is quick and easy to use. It took a little playing to figure out the height I needed on it to avoid bottoming out. But I hit 8 yards yesterday and it was nice. You don't bounce around like I was worried you might, instead you sort of float over bumps.

The cost was $375 shipped to my front door via UPS and so far I am very happy. If anyone is close and wants to check it out before buying stop on by and give it a try. I am going to check with my Toro dealer and see if they have any mowers with Michigan Seats that I can cruise the lot with and see how it compares. I don't have any seat time on a Michigan Seat, but I hope this helps. I'm off to use the new seat some more.
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