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Folks thanks for the responses.

I reread all the posts on the "Organics" thread and found some of this info in your posts there.

It's hard I guess to break the old x-x-x thinking process.

Regarding the acid soils and the leaves that I have to deal with. With probably 70% of my lawn setting in between older growth trees, oaks, ashes, hickory, and maples; with some in excess of 120', I get some leaves. When I'm done in November mulching them, the lawn has a nice brown cast to it.

That is the reason I have always used the lime. Of course I've not been on an organic program en total. I'd say probably a mixture. I mulch all lawn cuttings and leaves. I have done that now for about 6 years. I only used fertilizer, in most cases a local feed mill mix of 27-13-13 and never used herbicides or insecticides on the lawn since we raise dogs.

The posts at LawnSite and the threads on organics peaked my interest. I've been looking for some method to improve the turf here i.e. weed & insect control but have always had the animals to consider. This has been good reading and I'm learning a great deal.

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