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At the beginning of a job I'd tell my helpers that our goal was to get the truck to full-tilt as soon as possible which encouraged gravity assist. I was always having to ask my dad (shown in the pics) to keep his feet on the ground & use the dump feature to our advantage & safety. That plywood gets pretty slippery and it wasn't necessary for him to be up there shoveling anyway. It's easier to pull the material to you than push or shovel that dead weight. This is from experience, lots of experience.

The one thing you will hate is if you have to take the ramp in & out each day by yourself. Hopefully you'll be able to leave it in for long durations besides clean-outs. Even with my skid-steer it was a pain loading it alone. Maybe with two knee braces at the 1/3 & 2/3 point you could center the Ecolawn between them & stradle the ramp on it to remove/install & just change the angle of the trailer to assist.

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