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OH BOY!!!!

Where do I begin. My first full week of mowing and I have been dying to update everyone since Tuesday!!

If your a cut quality freak like me your going to love this deck!!!

I expected better discharge, which it does but I didn't expect the adjustable baffles to work as good as they do!! The range of adjustability is amazing. My Scag adjustable baffles have been on the middle setting since 2006 because the change is just minimal. Not so with the XF2. It came in the all the way up position which I found creates a wide open deck performance like the Velocity. Great for wet tall grass with hardly any clumping as my previous pics show. Dropped a 1/2" creates more lift and a XF1 feel. Dropped to 1" and the lift and discharge start to really pic up as this has been my go to setting so far. More lift than my XF1 had and the discharge is going three rows over!! Dropped to 1 1/2" and total Exmark feel. Huge lift and dandelions stand no chance! Dropped all the way down and you have a dethatcher...I was pulling thatch, rocks, and sand out of the turf and plastic bags 2 feet away were getting sucked in!!

This thing is crazy adjustable as the baffles have slots in them so you can raise or lower in any increments you want. I don't know if the Gravely engineers planned it this way or it just happened but this has to be the most versatile deck on the market. I cant wait to try this in dry summer conditions like last season. Especially the dry fine fescue that caused everyone so much trouble last year.

Now the down side is people may leave the baffles in the all the way up or down positions and not know any better. It could create some confusion for those who don't understand how it works. For those people the 1/2" down position would be good in most conditions. But for people like me this is heaven!!!
Gravely needs to create and patent B.O.D, Baffles on Demand. A way to change the position from the cockpit!!!
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